The University of Oxford consists in over 40 colleges and private halls. Oxford colleges not only provide the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, but they also provide dormitory accommodation for students, which is called the “college system”. Most of the colleges are located in the city centre, with accommodation usually located on the main campus, or a short walk away, ensuring travel is not required. Each college has its own living and learning facilities such as libraries, laboratories, computer rooms, classrooms, dining halls, bars, gyms and laundry rooms, as well as a Junior common room for downtime. These recreational facilities are usually in close proximity to college dorms, and many social activities at Oxford University revolve around a college-based (‘collegiate’) basis, so it is easy to make friends. Living in halls of residence not only helps foreign students form close international friendships, but also inspires them to understand and integrate into the culture, and way of life in the UK. We firmly believe that studying in Oxford, with its diverse community of people from different backgrounds, is a tremendously enriching personal experience. All of our accommodation is located within a 10–20-minute walk of Oxford city centre. Most public spaces and bedrooms in the college are equipped with free, easy-to-connect Wi-Fi.


Accommodation and Facilities at Oxford University Colleges

Accommodation and Facilities

Students with disabilities and mobility problems


Oxford International Study Abroad Programme is committed to treating all students equally and we warmly welcome applications from people with disabilities. We will provide facilities, institutional adjustments and assistance to meet their needs as far as possible within our available resources.


We recommend that students with mobility problems or audio-visual impairments consult with the programme administrator in advance of applying to the programme, since the college layouts may be less friendly to people with disabilities. If the applicant has severe day to day problems, such as accessing ground floor rooms, they should contact us in time.


St Antony’s College, University of Oxford

The Nissan Theatre

St. Antony’s College’s Library

For programmes held during Oxford University term time (not our summer programme), the accommodation for our students will be arranged in our homestay families, local apartments or local hotels. Living with Oxford residents is a great way to learn more about the UK and British culture firsthand, and of course you don’t need to worry about self-catering, as the host will provide food, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and even your laundry.
Your host will do their best to make you feel at home - providing essential amenities such as a desk or workspace, closet and bathroom facilities. Please remember that you may need to share these facilities with others! Your homestay environment will be clean and tidy, and the atmosphere safe and hospitable. We have long-term relationships with a number of quality homestays in Oxford city centre, with extremely experienced host families accustomed to accommodating visiting international students.
To ensure that our students are satisfied with their host families during their stay, we need to provide our hosts with as much clear and accurate information as possible in advance. It's worth noting that the sooner you book your homestay, the easier it will be for us to meet your requirements. Every year, the demand for homestay students is quite large, and we often cannot meet exact requirements for late applicants.
Apartments and hotels are also options for students attending the programme during the term time. We will arrange our students to stay in a selection of local 3- or 4-star hotels, which are clean, cozy and convenient.

Other Bedrooms Options (Homestay, Apartment, or Hotel Bedrooms)