Oxford International Study Abroad Programme
2024 Summer

On-campus Courses

At St Antony’s College, University of Oxford

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Course and Accommodation Selection*

Programme: The summer school programme features classes, study trips, and cultural and social activities. There are 6 on-campus two-week courses to choose from:

* Please choose only ONE course per session. If you opt for two courses spanning two sessions, you will need to pay for two-course programme fees.

Session One 4 August – 17 August 2024 *


Session Two 18 August – 31 August 2024 *


Please NOTE that there are pre-requisites for the two courses below.
Please click
here to check the pre-requisites for the course – AI and Machine Learning
Please click
here to check the pre-requisites for the course – Data Science with Python

Credits: 6 ECTS credits per course

• Please check our website or your home university for more information about courses, accommodation, meals, study trips, and programme fees.

• Please note that each applicant from the partner universities is offered some favourable discounts off the programme fees.

Apply by: 15 May 2024

Accommodation *


If you need the accommodation provided by Oxford college, please indicate what type of accommodation you would prefer.


Option 1: £1, 090 per student sharing a twin room with another student
Option 2: £1, 120 per standard single room (sharing a toilet and bathroom with other bedrooms)
Option 3: £1, 180 per ensuite single room (with a personal toilet and bathroom)
If you choose the twin room, please indicate the name of the student with whom you want to share the room if applicable.

Question: Can you accept being assigned to a different room type without notice if your preferred room option is fully booked? (Bedrooms will be allocated according to course offer status, room type preference and group gender preference. Please be aware that the number of the above types of bedrooms is fixed. Therefore, students should note that they may not be assigned their preferred room option chosen in the application form. In such cases, they may be arranged into another room type without prior notice if their preferred option is fully booked. We will initially charge each student a standard room fee and subsequently refund any excess payments or request additional payments from students based on the bedroom types actually allocated.) *


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There is no mandatory English requirement but a sufficient standard is necessary to participate fully. The programmes will suit students with an IELTS score of 5.5 or above. If you have already taken TOEFL/IELTS, please indicate your score below.

TOEFL/IELTS/TOEFL/IELTS/Another English Test Score: 

Please indicate your level of English ability for each of the following using the scale below:

1 = No ability, 2 = Beginner, 3 = Intermediate, 4 = Advanced, 5 = Fluent

Speaking *

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Undergraduate and postgraduate students

GPA requirement

At the time of joining the OISAP programme you will normally be able to demonstrate an average grade, or equivalent academic experience, of:
• minimum 2.5/4.0

* 1st-year undergraduates from some partner universities do not need to submit academic performance proof. For more details, please contact your home institution.
* Please note that for some of the courses, there are additional pre-requisites. Please see the course page for more details or contact us at apply@oxfordstudyabroad.org.uk.

English language requirement

This requirement for proof of English proficiency is not required for applicants whose first language is English, those whose first language is not English but have been involved in a full-time degree-level academic programme at a university where English is the language of instruction, or those who have extensive experience working in a professional English-speaking environment. Otherwise, you will need to demonstrate proficiency by providing us with a recognised qualification. The majority of modules normally require a level of minimum IELTS 5.5 or equivalent. Please find more details below:

English proficiency
(1) IELTS: minimum 5.5 for an overall average
(2) TOEFL: minimum 80 for the overall score
(3) College English Test (CET)-4: minimum 450 (applicable to Chinese university applicants only)
(4) College English Test (CET)-6: minimum 400 (applicable to Chinese university applicants only)

* For those applicants who have not taken the above tests by the time of application or have not been in a professional English-speaking environment for years, their English proficiency must be assessed through the virtual-interview by the programme officer.

* The selection panel of the programme will consider the overall qualifications of each applicant.


1. Photography/Film Consent
The Programme may wish to use photography or film footage from student events both internally and externally for promotion. This applies to print and digital media formats including print publications, websites, e-marketing, posters, advertising, film and social media.

2. Privacy Policy
The Programme holds information about everybody who applies to the programme. We will disclose information about credit students to your funding body if appropriate. If your application is successful, we use the information provided to: administer your studies; monitor your performance and attendance; provide you with support to fulfil our public task; maintain our IT systems; and develop our strategic plan. These uses of your data are in your legitimate interest. We will treat your information with respect. By opting in to our Privacy Policy, you agree that we may process your information in accordance with these terms.





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