Description of Programme Fees

If you are offered a place on the programme, you will be asked to pay your programme fees after formally accept your offer.

Once you have made a payment you will have officially secured a place on your chosen course.

All of our courses are on a first-come, first-served basis. We will inform all students when a particular course is full up.


      *Each application submitted from the partner universities is offered a favourable discount of £100 off the tuition fee.
      *Please email for more information on the fees of our tailor-made courses.

Payment Details 


We will issue the notice on our programme fees to all successful applicants who register with us.

We will email an invoice to every participant, along with full payment instructions attached. We are happy to accept both debit and credit card payments.

Once we have issued our invoice, you will have 15 days to complete payment. Any late applicants will need to provide payment within 7 days of receiving our invoice.



Special Notes: 


  1. Following full payment of fees, students will be able to confirm their place on the programme. We will not reserve places for students who have not paid the full cost before the deadline. When you have completed all your payments, your place on the programme will be formally confirmed by OSAP by email on receipt of payment.


  1. The current specified programme fees do not include a Reader Card from the Bodleian Library for one week’s access, which is £55 per international student. Students are provided all reading material list relevant to OSAP courses, which usually don’t need to use that Reader Card. This is therefore an additional cost only for students who would like to purchase the card during their stay in Oxford. Please note OSAP is unable to help you apply this card on your behalf. To apply for a Reader Card, please follow the instructions here.





All enrolled students are covered by the terms and conditions of OSAP short-term courses. The contract between OSAP and enrolled students takes effect once the student accepts our admission letter.

You have the right to cancel this contract at any time within 15 days following the acceptance date.

Should you need to cancel your application, it is vital to email immediately.


Course Content 


OSAP reserves the right to change the details of any of its courses in the event of emergencies that are out of our control. Additionally, in the event of very low enrolment rates, we may be forced to cancel any/all of our planned courses.


The specific content of our courses will be reviewed and decided two weeks before the programm starts. If any subsequent changes occur, we will notify all relevant applicants within seven days with comprehensive details.


If students have not received an OSAP notice 4 weeks before the programme starts, they can ensure that your courses and seminars will be held as scheduled.