Partner University Early Enrollment Benefit for Students: [GBP 100] 


All students who are enrolled in one of our partner universities will receive the Scholarship automatically when they apply to the programme about 2 months before the course starts; the deadline is usually clearly marked on the application form for each programme.


The Benefit [GBP 100] will be applied to your tuition as a deduction of the total fee.


Re-Enrollment Benefit: [GBP 100] 


All students who have participated in Oxford International Study Abroad Programme in the past will receive a discount of GBP 100 which will be deducted from your tuition fee. These deduction fees will be applied to your tuition fee after receiving the admission letter from the OISAP office.


Important Notes:


1. Please note that Partner University Early Enrollment and Re-enrollment benefits CANNOT be duplicated.

2. The benefit will be applied to your tuition fee after you receive the letter of admission via e-mail.

3. Re-enrolling students must send an email to regarding your re-enrollment status in advance.


Oxford Study Abroad Merit Awards


A limited number of Merit Awards/scholarships (normally for university students) covering about 10% of all participants are available for those who can demonstrate competitive academic performance during the programme and in their home institution. The amount varies from £100 pounds to full-tuition. The students must submit their application by DDL and provide their academic proof in their home institution after the programme ends. Our administrative office will send the notice for the award winner selection to all participants when they finish the programme.


Basic Criteria:


1. Candidates must be regular students; they must not be on leave of absence or suspended from the course too frequently.

2. Obey all regulations and university and college rules, register on-time, study hard, show good manners, and have superior grades during the course.

3. Undergraduates: undergraduates must have passed all required classes with an average GPA of at least 3.5/4.0 or equivalent.

4. Graduate students: superior grades with great research ability and creative thought are all requisites.


Please note that other factors may also be considered for the award winner election process, such as following the programme rules with good manners; your college and university rankings etc.

The namelist of the award winners will be announced via emails within about 2 months after the deadline of applications.

Please contact us at for more details.